Invite Methods

Venture Communities have tightly permissioned entry methods to ensures admins have granular control over who enters.
To keep in line with general solicitation regulations, venture communities require that community admins approve or pre-approve all members looking to join their community.
Request to Join
If you already know the wallet addresses of the users that will join the community, you can add them to a whitelist. With this method, community admins don't have to manually accept each member-- after uploading your whitelist, members can immediately join the community.
Say you have a group chat, email list, or Telegram group with members you want to bring to a venture community. Simply send them a link to request to join the on-chain community.
Sending an invite link
Anyone with the link can request to join your community, so we recommend you don't solicit the invite link publicly. Regardless, communities are protected from unwelcome members because community admins will need to accept each member that joins via this method.
After someone requests to join your community (see Joining a venture community), you can accept them in one easy step: