Invite Methods

The Seed Labs Community Launcher ensures admins have tight control over who enters the community.
To keep in line with general solicitation regulations, venture communities should avoid allowing anyone on the internet to join their community. For that reason, our community launcher empowers community admins with multiple methods to invite new users to their community with admin consent.
Say you have a group chat or an email list with the members you want to bring on-chain. Simply send them a link to request to join the on-chain community.

Method 2: Whitelist

If you already know the wallet addresses of the users that will join the community, you can add them all to a whitelist. With this method, community admins don't have to manually accept each member-- after uploading your whitelist, members can immediately join the community.
You can turn off the static invite link and opt to send one-time-use invite links that expire after use.
In the community admin panel, you will see 99 invites available to you by default.
Simply copy the invite link and send it to a prospective member for them to onboard.
One-time use invite links are off-chain. Members will still need to make an on-chain request to join the community, and admins will need to accept each member individually. Both these actions cost a small transaction/gas fee.